Love can never be forgotten

You can try and erase yourself from someone mind…. but you can never erase there love for you, Love will always find away back home. Loving someone is something that can never be erased.


Easy Or Not

life, it get’s harder every year. Sometimes you feel like you want to give up and throw it all away but you know you can’t because if you could give up on everything then life would be to easy. If everything was easy then there would be nothing to challenge us or nothing to accomplish in life. Our challenges and mistakes in life is what makes us who we’re and define us as humans, because humans make mistakes and we build on them and learn from it. We build on our mistakes and choices in life we learn right from wrong, no one said life would be easy but they did say it would all worth it in the end.

Everyone Has A Story… Time To Live Yours :)

We all have a story about our lives some are not as interesting as others.

I wouldn’t consider any of my story’s interesting I just like to tell them to get them off my chest to remind people we are all human and no one is perfect well lets rephrase that we’re all unique and perfect in our own ways there are two types of perfects I think I can’t it explain it but I hope you get what I am trying to say who knows maybe no one will read this or maybe just maybe thousand of people will read this and love what I have go to say because I have A LOT to say and very opinionated person.


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